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The Low Down on SSDs

During the past year, SSD OEMs have been actively involved in acquisition deals, first occurred in June and September of last year to Western Digital, who acquired SSD manufacturer sTec and NAND Flash manufacturer Virident with 340 and 685 million (USD) respectively.

The impact of Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics (JCET) merging with STATS ChipPAC

China's largest packaging and chip tester’s acquisition of Singapore’s packaging and testing plant, Stats ChipPAC has gotten various industry’s attention. Currently, ChipPAC and JCET have set November 3, 2014 and November 5, 2014 to be suspended from Singapore’s and Shanghai’s trading. The likelihood of this acquisition is high, with the two sides entering into the negotiation phase, there will soon be official results.

Chinese New Year releases and market Trend

Upon the ending of Chinese New Year, we can see the top brands launching smartphones relentlessly in Asian Market, particularly in China. Top international brands are using this time frame to launch their latest models.

Analysis of 8-inch Wafer Fab Demand: Power IC (PMIC) Market

Previous articles have mentioned fingerprint IC and 8-inch wafer fab demand. Moreover, power IC is also one of the 8-inch plants’ hottest products in recent years. Power IC’s objective is to convert electrical power from an efficient and stable status to another form, for example converting an alternating current to direct current, with an input voltage from 5 volts converting it to output 3.3 volts.

Factors for AP performance

AP performance is based on CPU speed, process technology, power consumption, GPU power and IP integration. Attached table is a comparison table between three APs using A57/A53 big-LITTLE structure.

IoT: Coming into Play

Starting from 1998 when MIT Professor Kevin Ashton cited the notion of using EPC system to communicate among various devices through an established networking, “internet of things” (IOT) concept has been continuously evolving ever since.

Samsung Flagship release: paving the road for unit growth bounce-back in 2015

The recent smartphone market has been experiencing a great upheaval upon the press release of the newly redesigned and the latest model in the Galaxy Series, the Galaxy S6, which is a possible equal competition to the previously released iPhone 6.

Market was under downward pressure

DRAM pricing this week still under downward pressure, Price of branded 4Gb DDR3 post flat this week

4G entry-level mobile solution: Spreadtrum vs MediaTek

April 2nd, 2015 Spreadtrum announced quad-core LTE SoC SC9830, which targets at entry-level smartphone market. Let’s look in more detail to see what’s the impact to MediaTek MT6732.

No demand in the spot market

The demand for the PC DRAM is still weak. Without the stimulating of trading activities, the DRAM price keeps going down at slowly and steadily pace.

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