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inSpectrum Tech Inc. is a leading research firm with a team of analysts and database experts acting as the primary market insight provider, offering business clients with precise analytical market information. Our products include NAND Flash, DRAM, Application Processors, Smart phone, Tablet, Foundry, and Backend market intelligence. All information are updated monthly, also including quarterly presentation update, so clients will obtain the latest trend and news in their respective sectors.

Through data reports inSpectrum analysts are able to forecast numerical market trends and have a complete grasp of hi-tech vendors' dynamics and future strategy development, providing our users with innovative and intuitive tool to understand quantitative data and up-to-date insights to make clear strategic business plans and decisions.

How we do business or service?
At Inspectrum Tech, the core of our corporate philosophy is our efforts to hold ourselves to the highest standards when we do business or service. We view ourselves as an information spectrum that information flows go through Inspectrum Tech for immediately becoming a variety of useful information to all users and customers such as white light going through spectrum for immediately turning to 7 kinds of color lights. We also stand in neutral position to truly express the dynamics of the industries which we cover. We care about all customers from supply side, demand side, or third party(s). We promise to do our best to collect all information correctly and to support all customers the previous groups.


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